1. Travel to 6 continents

2. Prepare the perfect dinner

3. Write a legit rap

4. Learn to salsa

5. Hang out in nature for more than a week

6. See the Northern Lights

7. Ski in Europe

8. Start a business I’m passionate about

9. Farm

10. Visit my Grandmother’s grave

11. See a penguin in real life (not in a zoo)

12. Backpack across Europe with my sister

13. Sleep under the stars

14. Attend at least 5  true Polish weddings

15. Become a Poker master

16. Learn to play the guitar

17. Learn to sail

18. Work abroad

19. Run the Boston marathon

20. Throw the best surprise party for a friend

21. Study abroad

22. Jump off a bridge

23. Hike the John Muir Trail (inspired by my FOB dad)

24. Dye my hair

25. Float in the Dead Sea

26. Go to Bonaroo

27. Participate in a food fight

28. Win a food eating contest

29. Get on stage at a concert

30. Work as a waitress as least once

31. Watch an Olympic event

32. Brew my own beer

33. Learn to use a scythe

34. Paint something I’m proud of

35. Fly a helicopter

36. Climb an active volcano

37. Intern in Patagonia

38. Read the entire “Pan Tadeusz” novel

39. Bike the Golden Gate Bridge

40. See Two Sisters on the Terrace  by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in real life

41. Give someone a haircut

42. Dance on a boat

43. Regain contact with an old friend

44. Go black water rafting

45. Stand under a waterfall

46. Bump into someone famous

47. Find a treasure

48. Get accepted to Hogwarts

49. Go deep sea fishing

50. Get a tan (never going to happen)


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