I spent almost every summer on a farm in the mothercountry. For a long time that was just a place of tradition, adventure and freedom for me, but as I grew older I began to identify what made Mordarka 14 so important to me. Obviously, there was the emotional factor but it was also about the simple way of living and how that purity shed light on quality of life.

Mordarka is where my interest and passion for sustainable agriculture grew roots. To me, sustainability is about reaching the purest quality of the ingredient;  it’s about valuing local farmers and understanding seasonality. We as consumers have become  so accustomed to the luxury of demand. We get what we want, when we want it. Many people believe that sustainability is about protecting the environment. It’s not. Is about yourself, and having enough respect for yourself to monitor your surroundings and what you consume. Our bodies are a part of the natural world and we should fuel them using other natural sources.

In the future I hope that the disconnect between farmer and consumer is eliminated; allowing kids deprived of the freedom I was given the chance to connect the cow to their morning milk. The culinary and agriculture industries should be the first to address the existence of this gap but with the need for constant progress it is hard to allow the limitations caused by local sourcing and organic farming to creep into your business.

And for me, one of the most important influences for the quality food produced is our schools. As I watched so many of my classmates line up to buy school hot lunches I stayed seated in front of my homemade meal. I was raised on home-cooked meals and the term “made from scratch” was neither impressive nor uncommon to me. As I entered college I was forced to purchase a meal plan my freshman year. The quality of food was shocking. I hope that schools take a second look at the dishes they sever and the results of the ingredients they choose to “cook” with.


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