I have been skiing since I was 2 years old. I am almost 21 now. A commitment like that can definitely contort your priorities. My father had instilled a passion of this more unusual sport in my sister and I. He then pushed us from thinking of skiing as a hobby to considering it a large component of who we are and I know we are both grateful for that push.

Each year we made plans. Skiing plans. This meant signing up for the ski team, attending races, driving out to CO or UT for some quality skiing. As I grew older skiing became more and more important to me but at the same time I had to take on more responsibilities and learn to prioritize. I was realistic and understood that skiing, however important to me, would not become a foundation for a lifestyle. I picked a college based mostly on academic value but I could not ignore the fact that I needed to ski in order to keep that part of my identity.

I am now a junior in college and have completed two seasons on the ski team. I was planning to end my “skiing career” after junior year and buckle down and focus on my future senior year. Unfortunately my plans were disrupted when I tore my ACL on the second day of training camp this year. I had managed to race for years with only the two minor injuries and quite frankly I was stuck in the mindset that a more serious injury would never happen to me. All it took was a moment of lost focus and my plans vanished.

I am currently hooked up to my wonderful pain-inducing CPM machine and recovering from surgery. I’m in a surprisingly good mood and debating my future skiing plans…because I know there will be some more.


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